Regal Salmon: Mobile Deliciousness

This one landed on my desk a little while ago now, but it’s only been recently that the client has been able to send through images of the finished product. Regal Salmon is a well known and respected brand in New Zealand, selling packaged Salmon in supermarkets with an emphasis on quality, freshness, and goodness. The king salmon they breed are raised in the pristine waters of Marlborough Sounds,  giving superior taste, texture, colour, and a higher level of Omega 3 and other nutrients.

Their previous vehicle livery featured a large ‘wave’ of fish sweeping in from the rear – very closely aligned with their branding, but it didn’t do much for the tingling of taste buds – and let’s face it, that’s what we want food advertising to do.

A week of designing, adjusting, amending, and a liberal amount of retouching/fudging, and this was the result. You’ll see it rolling around town if you live in beautiful sunny Nelson (if this was a perfect world I’d be living there) – home of all good New Zealand Salmon.

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