Fuze: Funky

A recent branding project I’ve embarked on. It landed on my desk in the form of a scribbled note and a business card featuring several pieces of clip art. After decoding the note, I gathered that here was a interior furniture business that could make things pop in the land of the 3D, but needed a 2D representation of this.

The existing business card that induced involuntary shudders every time I saw it was a quick printer’s version that unfortunately survived the first two print runs. Needless to say, that was thrown in the bin before I started afresh.

It’s always slightly intimidating to start a branding project when there is no historical or pre existing guidelines to go by. Suddenly you are faced with a huge white board that awaits your marker.

Around 10 concepts were pitched to the client, ranging from conservative corporate, right through to funky fresh and psychedelic. In a stroke that nearly floored me, the client went straight for one of the more ‘funky’ concepts, steering clear of the boring, run of the mill concepts I had felt compelled to provide.

With a few tweaks, refinements, and colour scheme adjustments, the final branding came out strong and distinct. It’s easy to recognise fluoro green and charcoal grey colours, and the neon-inspired type all give it that creative flair and point of difference that a business in the arena of design and innovation needs. The idea of continuing lines around the edges of the page, creating a secondary identity for backs and opposites suggests the link between the stationary and the 3D nature of the business.

Overall, I’m very happy with how it came out. A dream client to work with, they accepted my advice, and ‘ran with it’, keen to see where it took them. Hope they are happy with the destination.

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