Scratchings: Back to the drypoint

Wow. It’s been just over 4 weeks since my last post! Shame on me… I guess it’s been a month of peculation, speculation, and meditation. Yeah right. I’ve just been maniacally running around living 4 lives at once, balancing army commitments with my design job commitments with my freelance commitments as well as attempting to keep things afloat on the home front too.

But any way, this post isn’t just excuses and apologies – it’s also an update on where I am with my personal art. All too often I’ve found over the last couple of¬† years that I’ve had no time to develop myself in the direction I want to go, it’s been more of a water effect – the canyons of life steering me to where my attention should be. Keeping with that metaphor, this year thus far has felt like an eddy – a spinning whirlpool trapped behind a obstacle in the river, forcing the water to make several laps of the area before rejoining the current. Can’t exactly say what it’s waiting for right now, but be assured, it’s waiting. Only a couple more laps to go.

In the mean time, I’m getting back to what I love: Ink, Paper, and varying themes of them. This weekend I finally had a chance to sit down and dip my hand again in drypoint print – a favorite technique from my university days. The result wasn’t the best, clearest, or engaging I’ve ever had, but it’s a starting point, a stake in the gr0und, and here is my journal to record my progress. I’m fairly sure the blury, monoprint effect is due to having too much surface water on the paper before printing, not helped either by using water soluble ink (hey – it’s $10 a tube, opposed to $60 for the solvent based…). Stick around to see the developments!

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