Kingsland Martial Arts: Kick Ass

One of my resolutions this year was to get back into martial arts. Before I joined the army, I was quite deeply involved in Taekwondo, reaching blue belt before taking a ‘break’ to go off to officer training. Upon my return, university swept me off my feet, along with ongoing army commitments and general life. So it was that it was only until the end of 2009 that I was able to entertain thoughts to make a return. One of my frustrations with Taekwondo was the abstraction and disconnect it seemed to have with real life. It had turned into more of a sport to me, rather than a combative art.

I was blindly researching local martial art groups, when I stumbled across the Kingsland Martial Art Academy, who specialise in Kukjae Hapkido, a Korean martial art that has roots in Aiki jitsu (Japan), Taekwondo (Korean) and other Asian martial arts. I’d heard about it way back in the day, so I decided I’d try it out.

On the first training session, we covered kicks, punches, throws, breakaways, and various self defence techniques. As a person who loves being a Jack of all trades, I instantly fell in love with the art.

In the first month of training, one of the instructors announced they were trying to build up the Club, and that the first step was obviously a club logo that represented Hapkido and the Kingsland Martial Arts, paying tribute to the historical attachment to the original system, while projecting a modern, up-to-date voice.

Needless to say, I started drafting ideas that night once I got home. A week or so later, a logo had been developed. I’m quite stoked with how it turned out. It uses the Eagle, referencing the traditional emblem for Hapkido, in a circular swirl to represent the concept of circular movement inherent in the martial art. The orange is a modern take on the redish orange in the wings of the traditional emblem. It is easily translated into different uses, ie: posters, web, even possibly badges. I was scared about a slightly close resemblance to the Mortal Combat logo, but those fears were extinguished by one of the instructors: “Your fears are my inspiration.”

It’s not often that I do freebie projects these days, but this one was a worthy cause (Kingsland Martial Arts is a non-profit club, with membership fees going to hireage of the studio and equipment). It may have been slightly fun too…

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