2012 Retrospect and 2013 Resolutions

So it’s that time of year again. Time to compare my expectations for 2012 with the actual outcome.

2012 Retrospect


1) Develop my creativity and ideation capabilities. I have become a Senior Designer at a Japanese design agency. Development and growth has been mandatory, with each new project bigger and more exciting than the last.

2) Become fluent in Rhino 3D. Before I left Holmes and Marchant in August, I was working almost every day with Rhino 3D and V-Ray. I’d say I’m adept now.


1) Hit the gym at least 3 times a week. It’s been a bit of a rocky road with the gym this year, some weeks were great, some weeks I forgot it existed. I spent plenty of time on the mat doing martial arts, but not terribly much time doing anything else.

2) Match my alcohol consumption with my gym attendance – 1 pint = 1 gym session. Yeah. No.

Oktoberfest 2012

3) Compete in the 2012 Men’s Health Urbanathlon. Tick. I’m planning on doing it again next year – if I can get a handful of keen team members!

Urbanathlon Finish Line

4) Develop my ground fighting abilities at Fightworks Asia. So Fightworks Asia went bust. Fortunately I had already left a few months beforehand due to moving to a different suburb of Singapore. I now train at Impact MMA, and I haven’t looked back. It’s a lot smaller, but I’ve discovered this year that is what suits me – I thrive on small teams and friendships, and there’s plenty of that at Impact. Since spending two weeks in Phuket at Rawai Muay Thai camp, I’ve concentrated on my groundwork, and while it’s come a long way, there’s still a very long way to go.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at Impact MMA


1) Travel through Japan. Since starting at Bannistar, I’ve been fortunate to go on two trips to Japan – one to Osaka, and one to Tokyo. Unfortunately due to other events in Singapore, I wasn’t able to stay there for long. This year I’ll be trying to get there for a longer stay – so far what I’ve seen in-between meetings and flights has been absolutely incredible.

Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

2) Visit Mum and Dad in Salisbury, UK. Tick. Our Europe trip took care of this one. Was great to see how Mum and Dad have settled into a new life in Salisbury, and lovely to see how even though our childhood house in Papatoetoe was sold, we still have a family home that feels just like the old one (albiet a bit smaller).

Mum and Dad in Salisbury

3) Go on more weekend trips to nearby countries. Tick. Penang, Bali, Phuket, Koh Tao, Koh Samui, Pulau Dayang, and plenty more. Living in Singapore really helps for that exotic weekend away. (Oh yeah – we got our Open Water Dive licenses too).

Diving off Koh Tao

Personal Pursuits:

1) Get back to drawing. Sad face. Not yet. I have however resumed my calligraphy.

Copperplate Calligraphy

2) Live more sensibly. Yes. Since Yean started on a strict diet, we’ve taken to cooking at home almost every night, I’ve adopted a breakfast of two eggs and toast every morning. As a result, we’ve found we get sick less often, and we are in much more positive frames of mind.

3) Improve my sense of fashion. Kind of. Getting there. Almost. It’ll happen.

Designer, Adventurer, Gentleman.

4) Get my blog caught up to present. Still going on Europe – that’s taking some processing. Stay tuned.

Motorcycling Germany

5) Learn Mandarin. Starting at a Japanese agency has meant I need to concentrate on relearning Japanese. Mandarin will have to wait for now.

So, to summarise – ‘Almost’ seems to be the keyword of 2012. I plan to change that in 2013.
Here’s my aims for the new year:
2013 Resolutions

1) Do more art. One framable piece every 2 months.

2) Save for wedding (oh yeah, did I forget to mention – I proposed to Yean in September whilst in Paris. Romance points x1000).
3) Minimum 2 sessions of martial arts a week (MMA, BJJ, Muay Thai, Boxing, or Wrestling).
4) 2kms of swimming a week. 4T of weights per week.
5) Expand Networks.
6) Develop my strategic brain muscle.
7) Get diving at least once.
Smaller list. More consise aims. I think I can get there on this one.

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