All in a day’s work

Last night I had the opportunity to shoot beers with some army colleagues who I have know for a while but not really had much contact with. The question was asked of me “So what do you actually DO? What occupies your average day?”

As it was several beers into the evening, I wasn’t really in a position to provide much of an intelligent answer, but it got me thinking, what DO I do?

The answer is of course: I make images.

While my job description at Curious Design is officially that of Designer, there’s a bit more to it than that. Working at a small boutique design firm means that almost any extra skills you have will inevitably be put to test at one stage or another. It’s those skills that pass those tests that go on to define what jobs naturally get given to you, and what jobs get given to others. For instance, for the last year I’ve proven my mettle with things photographic and the skills that go along with that, including retouching, styling etc. This year however, I have decided to focus on my original career aim, illustration. In a way, it seems like this has naturally stemmed from photography, as my retouching abilities rise and overtake my photographic abilities, therefore I end up relying more on my illustrative abilities.

The latest outcome from this interesting process was my chip bag illustration. I was struggling incredibly to photograph a blank foil chip bag, so that the artwork could be digitally laid on it to show the client what their product will look like. Foil is an incredibly difficult subject to photograph, as reflections from the environment are so common, and so random, as to make it almost impossible to eliminate all stray mirrors. So after 2 days of trying to capture this, I sat down at my desk, and started drawing it from scratch. 2 hours go by, and the bag starts to take shape. Taking it a detail at a time, I work through it, until I reach the end of the day, and stepping back, there is a blank foil chip bag looking back at me from the screen.

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